The two-day event, which was this year moved entirely online, has achieved its goal: the successful organization of numerous meetings of participants from all over the world with potential future partners, suppliers, or customers. SEEMEET 2021, organized by the Development Center of Novo mesto with the support of partners, is proof that such B2B meetings can also be successful in digital form. However, we all want the event to be live again next year.

Nearly 280 registered participants from 26 countries around the world, mostly from Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Italy, Serbia, Turkey, and of course Slovenia, but also from, say, Brazil, the Philippines, and Canada is this year’s reach of this unique platform – the best possible networking environment, which provides a range of opportunities for new business.

As many as 140 participants attended pre-organized meetings, which can be the first step towards successful cooperation with potential customers, suppliers, and partners. »This year’s international business networking event SEEMEET 2021 was more than successful despite its digital implementation. It’s different, but anyone who wants to do business can also do it online, that’s a fact. In addition to the saved costs of travel and accommodation, this year’s participants also saved time. The basic purpose of the event is to enable new business connections and pave the way for new ventures – and this has been achieved. However, people are social creatures and of course, we very much want SEEMEET to become SEE (to see each other) and MEET (to meet) again next year, ”said project manager Aleksej Metelko from the Development Center of Novo mesto at the end of the event. He thanked all the co-organizers, support delegations, the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, and the Spirit Slovenia agency.

TPV Automotive d.o.o. (member of the TPV Group), a development supplier operating in the global automotive industry market and has been looking for business partners within SEEMEET, was also present at this year’s event. Aleksander Špiler, Sales Director at TPV Automotive d.o.o., summed up his thoughts: “Excellent organization, eloquent and professional moderator, interesting selection of lecturers… – the SeeMeet team deserves sincere congratulations! Of course, the participants want the networking to bring us tangible results. “

The networking was attended not only by companies but also by diplomats, which opens the door to entrepreneurs in foreign markets. »SEEMEET was an excellent connecting event and an opportunity to contact Slovenian and other companies in SE Europe. I really appreciate the effort and the tailored approach of the organizers to achieve greater added value for the participants. My meetings were productive and gave me a chance to connect. The event was very well technically run and everything went smoothly. The event was also an opportunity to present the automotive cluster of Bulgaria. We are looking forward to the next SEEMEET, which will hopefully take place in the traditional way – live, “says Mariana Chavrakova, First Secretary, Head of the Economic Affairs Department at the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in the Republic of Slovenia, who is absolutely enthusiastic about the event.

The two-day business networking event was also enriched with accompanying thematic lectures that followed this year’s central industries (metal industry, electrical industry, and the information and communication technology industry). The introductory speeches by Director of the Development Center Franc Bratkovič and Head of the Sector for the Promotion of Foreign Direct Investments by Vid Habjan from Spirit were followed by a short lecture by Boško Praštalo, networking expert, coach, and Superbrands Slovenia licensee, who pointed out the importance of the follow-up networking activities. “SEEMEET 2021 once again proved to be a real networking event, I am proud to have had the honor of being the keynote speaker and activating attendees to connect even after the event was over. Kudos to the organizers for organizing and activating both individuals and companies, the future of the SEEMEET event is definitely bright,” he said enthusiastically after the event.

Janez Gorenc, moderator of the event, a teacher at the Novo mesto Gymnasium, and an employee of the Development Center of Novo mesto, invited four more speakers to the digital speaker stage; Aleksandar Špiler, who presented ecologically friendly surface protection of machined pieces, Janez Öri, Director of Strategy, Innovation and Digitization at Iskratel, who with his more than 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry presented the trend of 5G network development and application possibilities for companies, Dale Kirkwood, Head of Business Development at NIVY Watch in Slovakia, who spoke about the trend and use of smart wearable devices and presented the added value of their smart industrial watch, and Lubomir Stanislavov, Director of the Bulgarian automotive cluster, who presented the trend of the automotive industry and urban mobile in Bulgaria and current projects in the field of electric cars.

The event was held for the seventh time this year and despite the changed conditions, the organizers (Regional Development Agencies: Development Center of Novo mesto, Regional Development Agency for Podravje – Maribor, Regional Development Agency Zasavje, Regional Development Agency Zeleni Kras, Regional Development Agency ROD Ajdovščina, Regional Development Agency Ljubljana; urban regions and development agencies: Murska Sobota Development Center, Bela Krajina Development Information Center, Kočevje Ribnica Development Center, and Savinjska Region Development Agency; and support delegations: Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Slovenian Business Club in Serbia, Slovenian Regional Economic Association, and Novo mesto Regional Chamber of Crafts and Entrepreneurship) with the strong support of the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology and the Spirit Slovenia agency, once again proved that with the right synergy it is possible to positively influence the integration of the international business environment and thus enable companies the possibility of new business.

“SeeMeet is one of the best organized online events I’ve attended,” says Dale Kirkwood of NIVY Watch, one of the speakers who was generous with the compliments, adding, “The system worked well and the turnout rate seemed high. Despite the fact that the event was virtual, there was a strong emphasis on the organization of B2B meetings and networking – this is an extremely valuable benefit of such events. We are really looking forward to SeeMeet 2022 and we hope that it will be live.”

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