We doubled the visit on our websites – thank you 300,000 – times!

We are pleased to announce that in the last two years we have doubled the visit on all of our three websites. In the past year, with your help, we achieved a total of 300,000 views, which means almost 1,000 views per day on all of our three pages – www.rc-nm.si, www.visitdolenjska.eu and www.las-dbk.si. Thank you 300,000 – times for your trust!

We plan even better quality web content in the future

In order to make our websites even more useful, we give you the vow that we will be preparing even better quality web content for you in the future. As it was up to now, in the future on our web pages you will be informed about current events and news in the area of our work and services, as well as on current tenders in the field of entrepreneurship, regional development, tourism and rural development. Follow us, you will not regret it 😉

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