The Development Center of Novo mesto has been cooperating intensively with primary and secondary schools in the field of entrepreneurship and robotics for ten years. Thus, on Thursday, 11 November 2021, the Podbreznik Business Incubator hosted students from three countries, who are in Novo mesto within the Erasmus+ program. The host of the project “To Train Your Own Sustainapreneur”, Gimnazija Novo mesto, brought students to Podbreznik to get to know the Laboratory for Factories of the Future – LabTop and learn the basics of how to develop a business model.

Marko Kuzmanović demonstrated the making of a wall clock to students coming from Estonia, Ireland, and Slovenia at LabTop, and Aleksej Metelko led the participants through the process of developing a business model on a Lean Canvas in the MakerSpace. The visit, which lasted a good two hours and a half, ended with presentations of the student teams of their work thus far. They had been researching the fields of fast fashion, sustainable energy production, sustainable agriculture, sustainable food processing, etc. The team of the Development Center of Novo mesto has thus informally joined a new international project, and at the same time opened up opportunities for connections with similar institutions from the counties of Wicklow, Ireland, and Pärnu, Estonia.

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