The beginning of August brought a new package that is suitable for domestic and foreign guests to explore natural and cultural heritage and the rich surroundings of the south-eastern part of Slovenia.

The name “The land of sunshine and grapes” is not a coincidence, since it represents the region in the best light, as well as the artist of the song with same title- Lojze Slak. The package offers a bouquet tasting and culinary pampering of Dolenjska Delicates (Dobrote Dolenjske), a visit to the only open-air museum of hayracks in the world, located in Šentrupert where you can, beside the walk between the rich architectural heritage, also take a degustation of the Frelih’s cviček, awarded wine on Decanter.

Next stop is visiting the home of very famous Slovenian poet Tone Pavček and where you can also learn about Lojze Slak, the accordion player and singer which all people of Dolenjska are very proud of. Among the gentle hills the road will take you to lunch at the extremely popular restaurant in Novo mesto – Don Bobi. After that you take the visit of the Pleterje Carthusian Monastery, surrounded with breathtaking vineyards and orchards.

When in Novo mesto, we recommend you to check the town itself with the Dolenjska Museum, or get impressed by the visit of the Kostanjevica caves and the gallery Božidar Jakac in Kostanjevica na Krki.

The existing program is tailored to individual guests and families, various activities can also be added for bigger gropus. Transports and overnight stays can also be organized upon request.

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