NOVO MESTO, 15 October – Franci Bratkovič, director of the Novo mesto Development Center, and Mark Boris Andrijanič, Minister of Digital Transformation, officially launched the Laboratory for Factories of the Future (LABTOP) today at the Development Center of Novo mesto, which is purposed to aid the development and education in the field of smart industry. The value of the investment is EUR 500,000, of which EUR 300,000 was contributed by sponsors and donors, and the rest by the Development Center of Novo mesto together with the Municipality of Novo mesto and the municipalities of Trebnje, Metlika and Črnomelj.

This is one of the first modern knowledge centers in Slovenia, where it is possible to see a demonstration of a smart factory in one place, which operates on the principle of Industry 4.0 and is controlled directly from the business (ERP) system. It is therefore an industrial learning laboratory for education, motivation, applied research, and testing. It presents state-of-the-art technologies, concepts and solutions for smart factories, and is intended for companies that are still deciding to modernize production or want to obtain information in this field, companies that need education for their employees, high schools, and colleges. The modern laboratory provides a stimulating environment for education and research, motivating and training young people, and working for industry, such as presenting new technologies, testing devices, and making prototypes.

The main goals of LABTOP are to improve the efficiency and competitiveness of companies with production technologies that are flexible, autonomous, and agile, to increase the productivity and efficiency of all sources in production, to improve the transfer of knowledge and practical experience, to increase the effectiveness of traditional teaching methods, and to improve the competences of employees in industry and consequently reduce the shortage of skilled workers.

The installation of LABTOP was made possible by support partners: The Municipality of Novo mesto, Trebnje, Črnomelj and Metlika, the companies Fanuc, Siemens, ABB, SMC, Tipteh, Miel, MiniTec, Inoteh, Primus, Beckhoff, Pantheon, Halder, Kolektor, IKU, KNT in OPL. The project was also supported by SRIPTop, the Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia, and SRIPACS+.

Impressions from the event:

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