New Entrepreneurship Advisory Project SPOT Counselling South-east Slovenia

Consortium partners Development Centre Novo mesto Ltd, RC Kočevje – Ribnica, RIC Bela Krajina and OOZ Novo mesto have succeed on SPIRIT‘s public tender for the implementation of comprehensive support services for potential entrepreneurs and micro, small and medium enterprises within the Slovenian business points for the period 2018 – 2022. Within the framework of the Slovenian Business Point – SPOT Counselling South-east Slovenia, which replaces the former VEM entry point (One Stop Shop), we (from March) offer free services:

  • advising potential and existing entrepreneurs,
  • registration of new companies, changes and other procedures via the e-VEM portal,
  • organizing various informational and educational events for (potential) companies and entrepreneurs.

In order to provide even greater support for entrepreneurs from the region of South-east Slovenia – Dolenjska, Kočevsko-ribniško, Bela Krajina – we will, over the year, upgrade our services by animating and connecting the regional environment, exchanging good practices and opening business opportunities and forming a supportive environment for business entities. We will also organize a showroom region at the headquarters of the SPOT point – Development Centre Novo mesto Ltd, where regional companies will be represented.

Entrepreneurs will now be advised and helped by four consortium consultants who will be available on Ljubljana cesta 26, 8000 Novo mesto, every workday from 8 am to 2 pm and Wednesdays until 6 pm, or by prior arrangement or announcement. We also offer mobile consulting and pre-arranged consultations at the headquarter of consortium partners.

You can find a public statement here.

SPOT project 2018-2022 is co-financed with the help of the European Regional Development Fund, the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology and SPIRIT Slovenia, a public agency.

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