We are looking for the best ice cream 2017 in Dolenjska, Bela krajina and Kočevsko-Ribniški!

We are happy to inform you that today, on May 25th, we are launching the campaign Sladolenjska 2017.

In the Sladolenjska Campaign can participate all those who have ever tasted ice cream at one of the providers in Dolenjska, Bela Krajina or Kočevsko-Ribniško. And you can also win sweet prizes.

In the beginning of September, among all the participants, “winners” will take away sweet prizes. You can participate several times (but only once a day from the same email address) to increase your chances of winning.

The winner who will receive the most votes will become the bearer of the title “Best Ice Cream in Dolenjska, Bela krajina and Kočevko-Ribniško in 2017!” and a nomination on the world scale for one year.

More information about the prize game and voting can be found here.

You can submit your vote by 31 August 2017.

You are invited to participate!

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