From sup to the iron age…all in one weekend!

Guests from Bihać, Bühl, Herceg Novi, Langenhagen, Torunj, Trnava, Vilafranca del Penedès and ALDA Association said, after the weekend in Novo mesto, that they are already looking date for a new visit of Novo mesto, because we have an extremely rich offer of tourist experiences, local culinary and beautiful nature. The CUT (Culture Twinning) project is, after three meetings, already showing first positive impacts in practice; Herzeg Novi (partner city) has produced numerous tourist benefits for citizens of all cities in CUT and the website of the project is being set up. After each visit, partner cities give opinions, suggestions and impressions, which will help in further work in the field of tourism. You can read about the development of the project, activities and more information about the visit in Novo mesto below.

The first event of the project

The first city network event took place last year in the city of Vicenza, where the partners agreed on how they will establish strong cooperation in the field of promotion of cultural tourism through the project, as well as further activities. In this way, the understanding of the rich cultural diversity of regional cultures in Europe will increase, while at the same time tourists will begin to realize that we have a common European heritage. The main topics of cultural tourism are not only history, archeology, natural attractions, but also personal contacts with the local population. All these were richly presented in Vicenza, friendly tourism workers tried to make interactive cultural tours suitable for children and the elderly. In Vicenza, they also highlighted a very important aspect – how to give information to young generations and attract them for sightseeing. They shared their experiences with partners, which will be a great basis for establishing a similar offer in other cities. The first meeting therefore consolidated a network of twin cities and established cooperation in the field of tourism.

The second event of the project

The second event in Montenegro was dedicated to the presentation of good practices in the evaluation of cultural heritage in European cities. Challenges and examples of good practices were main task for the whole weekend visit, but all the participants also saw  the most recognizable points in the city of Herceg Novi, such as Kanli Kula, Forte Mare, Old City and the City Museum. Herzeg Novi has prepared a special offer for this year’s holiday for all Novo mesto’s residents, 20% discount on staying at the Hotel »Play« from 1st of October to 1st of May in 2020 and 50% discount on the purchase of any Herzeg Novi Cards (discount cards and free entrance fees).

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The third event of the project

The third event of the project took place in Novo mesto. 28 participants got to know cuisine through the local offer, which they were very enthusiastic about, because the locally produced ingredients on the plate are no longer so self-evident. They visited the Franciscan monastery, with the oldest library in Novo mesto. Father Krizostom Komar presented their work through history to this day in a very humorous and interesting way. Novo mesto has amazing panorama view from river Krka, therefore guests rode canoes, sups – stan up paddle board and also took a swim in refreshing green river Krka. Novo mesto Cathedral or St. Nicholas’s Cathedral impressed with unusual shape, broken longitudinal axis and oil painting by Venetian painter Tintoretto, which is one of the biggest art works in Slovenia. Interesting history of this church and building process vively described attracted all guests, who were impressed by amazing church in Gothic style. At the end of the day, guests visited Museum of Dolenjska, where is archaeological material from the Early Iron Age, which can be counted among the most important specimens of cultural heritage on the European scale. We finished the day with the celebration of situla – the 4th festival of Iron age living and cookery. Interesting programme had a market – display of ancient crafts and products, food court with the touch of iron age culinary and beverages, trialability, shooting with a crossbow, stage performance with music and dancing and so on. Novo mesto gave an excellent impression and, with its tourist offer, certainly impressed guests.

Impressions from the event:

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