Cooperation with headmasters is an extremely important part of the project PoMP – Fostering Entrepreneurship Skills in School. The most important goal of the project, which is supported by Norway Grants, is to train teachers to mentor young people in entrepreneurship. But at the same time, the partners of the Primorski Technology Park, Development Center Novo Mesto, Norwegian University of Science and Technology NTNU, SAŠA Incubator, Technology Park Ljubljana, and Scientific Research Center Bistra Ptuj are aware that the support of principals is crucial.

That is why we prepared a two-day Think Tank workshop in Kozana in Goriška Brda, in which 20 principals of Slovenian primary and secondary schools tried to find a solution to the challenge they themselves had set, namely in the areas of staffing and motivation of employees in education. In the workshop led by Mr. Matej Golob from CorpoHub, the participants worked in teams and did research. They started with a study on the current situation in the areas of staffing and motivation that they had wanted to solve, continued with the conceptualization of a solution, after which prototypes of the solutions were tested with potential users. In the last part of the workshop, five teams of headmasters presented their solutions to a commission made up of members of partner organizations.

The PoMP project is a two-year project in which many activities will take place for headmasters, teachers, and students, such as the PoMP Academy for mentor training, entrepreneurial activities for pupils and students, which will be carried out together with the partners, and the exchange of best practices with our Norwegian partners. All these activities will help headmasters, mentors, and students develop a growth mindset and acquire entrepreneurial skills. However, since all acquired human capital eventually dissipates if we do not strengthen and use it, PoMP will also ensure the establishment of an online platform where teachers and mentors will be able to share and exchange their experiences and participate in activities even after the end of PoMP.

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